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Tamar Braxton managed to impress her fans with some juicy videos. Check them out here and see how beautiful she looks.

Someone said, ‘I knew you would find your way back to music! Come out with another album! I still think the album “Calling All Lovers” slept on BIG TIME! That album is still there. ‘

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One follower posted it: ‘Babyyyyy the BODY is IT !!! Serve everything on the menu sus @tamarbraxton. ‘

One fan said, ‘I need a ballad love song. Just sang Tamar we do not need da beats and all that, ‘and a follower said,’ So glad to see you do back what you love to do. ‘

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A follower posted it: ‘Yes !!! “I was definitely just talking nonsense about you not releasing new music.”

Someone else said, ‘Yesssssass bih, please start on a new album !!! @sirelijahblake what is tea with that song lol. ‘

A comment said: “@tamarbraxton babaeee I know this come back album contest has the damn hit charts #platinum when this single is about to fall.”

A follower said, “If you do not stop playing with my emotions and bring music to the fore, we need it.”

Someone else said, ‘If you knew how much I love you and your root, you would never stop making music !! My Vis sissssta. ‘

Tamar Braxton is praising a special person. You can check out the post she dropped on her social media account here.

‘It’s Tamar but it’s not my birthday !! It’s my brother @peterpsquare 40th birthday !!!! … And I am so grateful to know this kind soul. He and his brother are first class examples of family !!! So proud of you guys and please go to his link in his bio to watch the video for #iloveyou with my friends @tenientertainer and @symplysimi in its entirety, ‘Tamar captioned her post.

In other news, Tamar Braxton shared a post on her social media account suggesting that she’s getting ready to find love again. Check out her post below.

“Someone’s son is coming soon,” Tamar wrote in her post.

Someone said, “We need to talk to Mom, because some boy is LATE.”

One fan posted it: ‘@tamarbraxton gave them high knees lol !!!! That baby was excited to be on that stage, ‘and a follower said,’ Tamar was always extra watching the last dance moves hair the only one got a little extra step in it awf sister lol. ‘

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