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Republican Sen. Rand Paul said Wednesday that Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, is a “liar” and has shown general “contempt” for individual liberty and the Bill of Rights.

Sen. Paul made his remarks during an interview on “Fox News Primetime.”

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Paul On Fauci: ‘We pay him more than anyone in government’

Paul said, “Well, worrying – I mean, a man who is concerned, that he has such a casual contempt for individual freedom, but if you combine that with a casual contempt for science too, boy, we have.” a real problem and authoritarian whatever it does. do not obey science. ”

“I mean, look at this, more than 100 million Americans had COVID, and if you ask the CDC, well, how do these people react, the people who had COVID and recovered,” Paul continued. “How often do they get sick again? Do they spread the disease very well? We do not know. We do not like it. ”

The Republican senator went on to question Fauci’s judgment.

“Can you imagine the guy in charge of this?” he added. “We pay him more than anyone in government.”

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Paul On Fauci: ‘He has casual contempt for the Bill of Rights and your freedom’

“He has casual contempt for the Bill of Rights and your freedom, but he does not keep up,” Paul added. “He is like CNN asked him one day, what do you think of natural immunity, he is like, it’s interesting. We have to look at it as if this is the first time he has ever heard of it. “

“He’s a liar,” Paul insisted. “And he is lying about the natural immunity. He knows it works. This is a recipe for totalitarianism. It’s a recipe for something we do not want in our country. ”

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