Michigan school system closes after ‘large number’ of teachers fall ill with COVID shot – CityNewss

Numerous schools in a Michigan township closed Monday after numerous staff members became ill and suffered “negative reactions” from COVID-19 reinforcement shots.

As employees are being fired or fired from their jobs for refusing to comply with the vaccine mandate, schools in the Saginaw school district and across the country have been significantly understaffed.

After numerous staff members from Saginaw County Community Schools received an experimental COVID booster shot over the weekend, they had negative reactions and were too ill to return to work, forcing the township’s elementary, middle and high schools to Monday in the district to close.

“A large number of our staff have had a negative reaction to the COVID boost shot given at a volunteer clinic over the weekend,” Saginaw Township Community Schools announced Monday on the home page of its website and Facebook page. “There is a substitute teacher / staff shortage across the state, which further complicates the availability to cover those absences.”

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The stimulant shot, not Covid-19, is to blame for the negative reactions, a district spokesman told Saginaw’s local ABC branch.

The school district leaders did not provide details on the type of side effects that teachers are struggling with.

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