George Floyd’s cousin makes video-threatening jurors if they do not convict Kyle Rittenhouse – CityNewss

George Floyd’s nephew has posted a video threatening jurors if they do not convict Kyle Rittenhouse.

The deceased criminal’s nephew, Cortez Rice, claimed to know people who took photos of the jurors at court.

“I’m not even going to name the people I know who are in the Kenosha trial,” Rice said. “But these are cameras inside. These are definitely cameras up there. There are definitely people who take pictures of the juries and stuff like that. We know what’s going on. ”

Rice added, “so we need the same results, man.”

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A “journalist” from the militant far-left outlet Unicorn Riot, Andrew Mercado, urged him in the comments to do so.

Rittenhouse denied guilt and maintains he acted in self-defense when he shot three rioters, two of whom were fatal.

Earlier this week, Rice brought a group of Black Lives Matter militants to the home of a judge in an office involved in a shooting case and posted her home on Facebook.

It does not appear that Rice was arrested for his intimidation and threats.

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