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Former NFL player Zac Stacy is being filmed attacking his ex-GF while his son was nearby. See the full details in the notes provided by The Shade Room.

TSR noted that there is a circulating video that allegedly shows former NFL player Zac Stacy brutally attacking his ex-girlfriend and mother of his child, according to TMZ.

“The video originated about 13 hours ago on an Instagram page called Kris Evans,” notes TSR.

TSR went on to say that ‘The caption of the post identifies the woman in the video as the mother of Zac’s son. The baby is caught on camera while lying on the couch just a few meters away, while Zac hits the mother, screams and hits the mother in objects such as a television and baby Walker. ‘

TSR went on to explain that ‘According to TMZ, the incident took place last Saturday at the ex-girl’s house. Their sources say Zac got angry during an argument. The woman is heard pleading with Zac as he constantly slaps and launches her through the room. She apparently called the police immediately after Zac left and submitted a restraining order. ‘

Someone said, “I saw the video and yes, he’s going to the big jail!” and more people agreed with the comment. ‘

Another follower posted it: “So glad there are video recordings..if she would have made a statement, you would all have said she’s rushing, it’s just how sad you are. It’s so messy. ‘

Another commenter posted the following message: ‘Disturbing Rev. He knows he’s too big to throw her around like a toy, ‘and one person said,’ One thing about an NFL player beating them to their mate. ‘

Another follower said, “The way he hit her, you’d think she owed him money,” and one commenter posted the message: “If you share the video, please post a trigger alert in advance.”

Someone else said, ‘Except disturbing. It also does not look like the first time. Hope she gets the strength to leave. ‘

One commenter dropped this message: “I’m so glad niggas is being caught because she probably would never have told about him and this is not his first time.”

Someone else said, “Smh, I just could not … It’s so much easier to leave for a few hours and calm down.”

Someone said: “If he had pushed linebackers out of the way like that, he would probably have been more successful in football SMH.”

What do you think of this disturbing story?

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